Totemism can be defined as a kind of mystical bond between humans and animals. Since the most archaic phases of human existence, man and woman have possessed a mysterious and ancestral affinity with a given animal species, with which they share a brotherly relationship.

This test invites you to discover your tutelary animal as a guardian spirit through their symbolism from different cultures and their characteristics from recent ethological observations.
Your experience may have already led you to feel an affinity with a particular animal. Whether through dreams, imagination, intuition, your animal alter ego may have already revealed itself. This test will only be used to confirm this match. However, only eight guardian animals are represented for the moment, but the test will evolve, be enriched and refined over time.


Test developed and illustrated by Jacques Julien

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Jacques Julien

French photographer based in Paris specialised in black and white photographs, animal photos, architecture, portraits.