totem animals oracle

Enjoy my pictures differently with this Yi Jing of Animals, inspired by the ancient Chinese book. This method of divination draws upon the wisdom of totem animals to provide answers and advice to your spiritual and existential questions. It thus extends my test to discover your totem animal.
Just as the Book of Changes (Yi) uses hexagrams as a divinatory art, this oracle associates figures based on totem animals with symbolic and spiritual responses. By taking inspiration from the draw to query the I Ching and by adapting the binary calculation associated with Yin (even numbers) and Yang (odd numbers) to contemporary coding, my esoteric algorithm offers a modern and intuitive way to access wisdom ancient of this oracle.
The association of totem animal figures with specific questions creates a bridge between the I Ching tradition and symbolism. Because like the formation of a hexagram, each animal is also traditionally associated either with Yin (lunar, cold, receptive, flexible, feminine…) or with Yang (solar, warm, active, rigid, masculine. ..). And some do both at the same time, like the magpie which symbolizes the perfect Yin/Yang balance. Furthermore, in the original text of the I Ching, certain spiritual advice is already metaphorically associated with an animal. By connecting to nature and the symbolism of animals, this oracle offers unique perspectives for exploring personal questions, meditating on the world around us and finding spiritual insight. It is a tool that invites reflection and contemplation through animal wisdom with my photos as illustrations.

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Jacques Julien

French photographer based in Paris specialised in black and white photographs, animal photos, architecture, portraits.