Black and white series

This series of photos tries to approach the symbolic meaning of black and white through the nature and animals. It basically is a return to the roots of photography : The light. The play between pure light, its absence, and exploring contrasts.

In many cultures, black and white are associated with life and death such as marriages and funerals…

Here, I am attempting to use nature and wildlife to reflect our unconscious meanings through contrasts and oppositions, like between innocence, purity and loyalty, or mystery, darkness and death. 

“Many in the community, including at times Nat himself, believe strongly that the structure of civilization itself will save them from any danger.” Daphne du Maurier’s The Birds

Photo series as a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds

Julia, the black swan of Montsouris Park in Paris

The Concept Cat
Concept cat art project on Etsy

My animals colour photos in my images bank and Getty Images.