Group of Ducks on the grass near the Louvre museum in Paris – Animal Photography

Credit: Jacques Julien

Location: Paris – France

“There are ducks all year round in Paris, wild boars in the forests just outside Barcelona,” describes Benoît Fontaine, conservation biologist at the Center for Ecology and Conservation Sciences of the National Museum of Natural History. Animals are simply more visible in spaces freed up by humans, but all this is quite anecdotal compared to the degradation that nature has suffered for decades. “

“This plasticity of nature, this ability of certain fish or birds to frequent spaces quickly when they are neglected, is a phenomenon that we are all familiar with,” adds Jean-David Abel, vice-president of France Nature Environnement. But nature does not take its place. We just look better: we notice species that were next to us but that we could not see. “

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Jacques Julien

French photographer based in Paris specialised in black and white photographs, animal photos, architecture, portraits.