village of Roussillon in France
Village of Roussillon

The village of Roussillon in the Luberon is located in the thick of the biggest ocher deposit in the world. It is ranked second of the most beautiful villages in France.
Ocher is a natural iron oxide pigment that has been used since prehistoric times on cave walls. It is non-toxic and still used in masonry, decoration and fine arts.

Some photos were taken on the famous ocher trail (for tourism) which takes you through the fairy chimneys. These large “sculptures” are randomly formed by rainwater and wind over a very long period. I made other photos near the cliffs of the Valley of Fairies (Val des Fées) in a more remote corner and very difficult to access because owners left it in a natural state. Moreover this stunning site is restricted access to tourists.
Thanks to Alain Daumen who allowed me to access this place. I used a Fuji XT-20 camera with a wide-angle lens Fujinon XF 35mm F2.
I will add more photos soon. You can already order prints.

Jacques Julien

French photographer based in Paris specialised in black and white photographs, animal photos, architecture, portraits.