Performance and lightweight


  • Lightweight
  • Very good overall performance
  • Good construction
  • Excellent stabilisation
  • No chromatic aberrations
  • Price


  • Lens ring clamp not supplied
  • Loss of sharpness at 400mm
  • Vignetting

The results of this new telephoto zoom lens are extremely positive. Performances are at a very good level even if we can regret the drop of sharpness at the longest focal length especially on the edges. This will require a little software enhancement in post processing. At the shortest and medium focal length, the performance is perfect for the animal photography enthusiast or sports photos amateur. On the field, however, I regret the absence of a ring clamp, even if it is available as an option. We will therefore remember above all its reasonable weight, its exemplary construction, its efficient stabilisation and its fast focusing which is already almost remarkable. The best for the end: this zoom lens is sold at a very reasonable price.

Note: Compatibility with the Teleconverter TC-X14 (x1,4) to get 560mm at F/9

Rating : 8/10

Samples Images

robin bird singing
Download this image (Nikon d7500)
Download this image 150mm F/5 (Nikon d7200)
Big bird grey heron flying photography
Download this photo 300mm F/6 (Nikon d7200)

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Jacques Julien

French photographer based in Paris specialised in black and white photographs, animal photos, architecture, portraits.