korat grey cat posing on white background

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History of the breed

The Korat is little known and often confused with the Russian blue. Originally from Thailand, it is one of the rare so-called “natural” breeds and one of the smallest cat in the world. It owes its name to King Rama V who wondered about the provenance of this magnificent cat. It is mentioned for the first time in poems published between 1350 and 1767 in the book Cats Poems which describes the main lucky cats of which the Korat is part. In many Thai works of art, the feline is also represented, proof of its success. Moreover, it takes its name from the region of Sisawat, where it was the symbol of abundant harvest and wealth, notably thanks to its gray dress and green eyes. He is a lucky cat used in ceremonies to make rain fall.
It is very important to know that the Korat cannot be crossed with other races. The unions admitted are only between Korats.

Behaviour and character

Calm and serene. He is rather a cushy cat who prefers the calm of an interior to the noise of the exterior. Besides, he can’t stand the loneliness and the hubbub. This cat will be more comfortable with his master, in a warm corner and on a sofa, for example. Very sweet, delicate and above all faithful, he loves the company of his adoptive family. Also playful, he will get along with children. He does not feel the presence of congeners or other animals as a problem, as long as he is not picked up. He is curious, intelligent and can learn many tricks. Like the Siamese cat, it tends to meow a lot, especially in noisy places.

Physical characteristics

Body: The Korat is a semi-cobby cat according to the standard. He has an open chest, fairly rounded hips. Her body is made of successive curves that make it graceful. He also has a rounded rump. It gives off an impression of strength and power thanks to its musculature, without ever appearing heavy.

Hair: He has a dress varying from mid-short to mid-length. The hairs are nicely coated all over the body, and they are glossy and satin according to the LOOF (french feline studbook for purebred cats). Note that the hair straightens more on the backbone when this feline moves.

For its colour, be careful, the Korat standard is quite strict. Indeed, this feline is exclusively silvery blue in colour, without the slightest scratch or stain. The standard also appreciates that silver highlights come out from the ends of each hair.

Head: Korat cat has a heart-shaped head, with fairly soft curves. The forehead is quite large and flat. It continues with a stop up to the nose. The tip of the nose is like a lion.

Eyes: They are very large, even too large, compared to the rest of the head. They are especially well rounded and give a fairly bright green color. Note that kittens may have amber yellow eyes.

Ears: The ears of the Korat are large, broad at the base and have a rounded end. There is hardly any fur outside and inside these ears.

Tail: It is medium in length, wide at the base, it tapered off over time to end in a rounded end.

Photos : © Jacques Julien

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